“I am committed to earning my place on Colorado’s primary ballot in June via our state’s caucus and assembly process. This process allows the election to not just be about who has the most money but who can stand in front of voters and answer the hard questions. As I’ve crisscrossed our state, voters have repeatedly told me that they appreciate my willingness to discuss issues with them and answer questions about my qualifications and vision. I am running a grassroots campaign, and my commitment to the caucus and assembly route reflects my belief that you should have a voice in this process.”

-Michael Dougherty

Commit to be a Delegate for Michael Dougherty

Help us get Michael on the ballot this year by committing to be a Delegate for Dougherty at the state assembly on April 14th.

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Questions About the Process

Precinct caucuses are a chance for Democrats to engage with one another in their communities to initiate the process of electing candidates to local and state office. At a Democratic precinct caucus, delegates from your community are elected to represent your community at the county assembly. The caucus is the first step in the process of becoming a state assembly delegate and ensuring that Michael Dougherty is on the ballot to be our next Attorney General.

In order to participate in a Democratic precinct caucus on March 6, 2018, you must be:

Registered to vote as a Democrat no later than January 8th.
Registered as a resident in your home precinct by February 5, 2018.

At a county assembly, delegates represent their communities in designating candidates for a state primary election. County assemblies are also the place where delegates are chosen for the Democratic State Assembly on April 14, 2018. County Assemblies are scheduled to take place between March 15 and March 31, 2018. Not all county assembly locations have been finalized. Check with your local Democratic party to find out more.

The Democratic precinct caucuses are on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Not all of the locations have been announced, however, they are generally held in a public space in your community— such as a school or library. State law mandates that signs must be posted denoting precinct caucus locations no later than February 22, 2018.

Participating in your local precinct caucus is the first step toward becoming a county assembly delegate and later a state assembly delegate. Michael will need the support of more than 30% of delegates at the state assembly on April 14th to appear on Colorado’s June 26th primary ballot. These early stages of the 2018 election are important to ensure Michael Dougherty is on the ballot to be Colorado’s next Attorney General.

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