The Attorney General is a statewide leader, serving all the people of Colorado, not just those living in the metro area. As such, the Attorney General must work to connect with, and represent, the needs and concerns felt throughout the state.  The following are my priorities for expanding the assistance provided by the Attorney General’s Office:

“Throughout my career and this campaign, I have been working all around Colorado. If elected, I will open regional Attorney General offices around the state. All Coloradans deserve equal support and protection.”

Opening a Regional Office on the Western Slope to allow the Attorney General to serve and better understand the legal issues affecting residents outside the Front Range.  I will have staff living and working in the communities they are sworn to serve.

Regular presence outside of the Denver office. I will require all AG staff to visit government agencies and clients throughout the state on a regular basis.  Doing so will create better connections with these groups, as well as allow our attorneys to gain a clear understanding of the work and needs of the people they serve.

Providing unlimited, high-level legal counsel to all government agencies and clients.

Supporting law enforcement and prosecution efforts in non-metro jurisdictions by sending prosecutors and investigators to assist with felony cases.

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