Colorado is experiencing rising crime rates, increasing gang activity, and the rapid spread of opioid and heroin addiction.  There also is a growing mistrust between some members of the community and the criminal justice system.  With crime on the increase, and confidence in law enforcement in question, we must move quickly to address these trends in criminal activity while working to bridge the divide between community members and law enforcement.  Residents, businesses and visitors need our communities to be safe.

The following will be my priorities for improving public safety as Attorney General:

Establishing a robust Gang Violence Assistance Program, with prosecutors and investigators available to assist any jurisdiction in the state.

Forming a Heroin/Opioid Addiction Task Force that will develop a drug prevention, addiction treatment, and in-patient program proposal for the Governor.

Supporting stronger training for law enforcement. Law enforcement will receive better training through the Peace Officer Standards and Training Unit, geared towards the issues they currently face in fighting crime. Instead of being limited to issues and training locations centered on the Denver metro area, training opportunities and support will be offered throughout the state.

Developing a Community Outreach Program that engages law enforcement and prosecutors with community members, organizations and leaders. By hearing ideas and concerns from all sides of the table, we can work together on creating meaningful solutions.

Providing a stronger partnership to the state’s District Attorneys. The Attorney General’s Office should be an available resource and partner for prosecutors around the state on legal, ethical, funding and policy matters.

“I am proud to have led the DNA Justice Review Project in Colorado. That work led to the exoneration of an innocent man, wrongly incarcerated for murder.”

Supporting gun safety measures to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill, as well as those with domestic violence convictions or restraining orders.

Creating a Public Corruption Assistance Unit, available to assist the District Attorneys in investigating and prosecuting allegations of public corruption.

Establishing a Conviction Integrity Unit to work with the District Attorneys and defense bar to review and identify wrongful convictions.

Advocating for meaningful reform of the Criminal Justice System that encourages participation with all stakeholders. The one-sided efforts of the past have stalled.

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