I am running for Attorney General because we face serious threats, including to our individual rights and the environment. I possess the experience, integrity, and passion that is needed to fight for all Coloradans.

The Attorney General is responsible for taking on the federal government, when necessary, to protect Colorado and our way of life. Colorado needs an environmental watchdog, an advocate for consumers, and meaningful criminal justice reform.

As Attorney General, I will continue the work I have accomplished over many years – standing up against hate crimes, leading a wrongful conviction project, helping pass drug sentencing reform, fighting for public safety and justice, and helping to launch problem-solving courts and diversion programs.

It is easy to point out problems; I will fight for Colorado and implement real progress. I will bring leadership and courtroom experience to the AG’s Office and be the best leader, the People’s Lawyer, and a champion for individual rights and the environment.

News From the Campaign:

Become a Delegate for Dougherty

I am thrilled to announce that I will be engaging thousands of Democrats across Colorado by participating in this year’s caucus and assembly process. I am running a grassroots campaign, and my commitment to the caucus and assembly route reflects my belief that you should have a voice in this process. Join me on this … Continued

Net Neutrality and Preserving a Free and Open Internet

Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to end net neutrality, and in so doing moved to drastically change the Internet as we know it. Net neutrality is the idea that all internet traffic is treated equally. With the FCC’s repeal of this principle, broadband providers and network carriers have the power to charge us … Continued

Environmental Justice In The AG’s Office

When a deadly combination of politics, favoritism, and hypocrisy are guiding our country’s environmental policy, we need the strongest, fairest, and most experienced advocate for Colorado at the helm of the Attorney General’s Office. The risks facing Colorado and the rest of the nation are too serious for anything less. Those of us lucky enough to … Continued