“I’ve been prosecuting important, complex cases my whole career. With the threats we face today, we don’t have time for people to learn on the job. Starting on day one, we need an Attorney General who has the ability to lead, take on the big fights, and win for all Coloradans.”

The Experience We Need for Colorado

Michael Dougherty has been a prosecutor for his entire career.  From serving as a leader in multiple prosecutors’ offices (including the Colorado Attorney General’s Office), to handling numerous complex, high-profile cases, Michael has twenty years of experience doing what’s right and winning the tough fights.  There are real threats to Colorado’s special way of life, and Michael is the only lifelong, tested prosecutor with the ability to protect Colorado.

The son of working class parents, Michael worked two jobs in high school to help the family and save for college.  He loaded trucks for UPS and worked at a deli while attending Nassau Community College and, using student loans, he graduated from Cornell University and Boston University School of Law.

“As Attorney General, I will work tirelessly for the people of Colorado. We need to protect our water and environment, preserve public safety, safeguard consumers, and promote transparency in government.”

A Lifetime of Service

Colorado needs an Attorney General with integrity and courtroom experience.

After law school, Michael served for twelve years as a prosecutor at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Michael handled all types of serious felony cases, including sex crimes, hate crimes and homicides. He quickly rose to supervisory positions, including Deputy Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit, and ultimately was promoted and became responsible for the management, budget, and personnel of the District Attorney’s Office (an agency with over 1,200 employees), while continuing to prosecute serious cases.

In 2007, Michael was recruited by the Colorado Attorney General to head up the Colorado DNA Justice Review Project, an effort that led to the exoneration of an innocent man wrongly convicted of murder.  Just months after arriving in Colorado, Michael was promoted to serve as the head of the Criminal Justice Section for the Attorney General.  He supervised several units, including Environmental Crimes, Financial Fraud, Special Prosecutions, and the Peace Officer Standards and Training Unit.  In addition to handling high-profile cases, he helped push for criminal justice reform as the Attorney General’s representative to the legislature.

Currently, Michael serves as the second-in-command for the District Attorney’s Office for Jefferson and Gilpin Counties. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office, including overseeing grand jury investigations, human trafficking cases and white-collar crime cases. Michael also acts as a liaison with law enforcement agencies, the defense bar, victims’ groups, and the public.

“I have worked across the entire state, and one of my top priorities will be to open a regional office on the Western Slope. A statewide leader should connect with, and listen to, people from every part of Colorado.”

A Respected Voice for Reform, A Teacher to the Next Generation

Michael has served on numerous groups and committees with projects leading to significant criminal justice reform, such as the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, and the Colorado Best Practices Committee for Prosecutors. For his work on a bill mandating improved procedures for eyewitness identifications, Michael received the Innocence Project’s Award for Advocate for Innocence and Justice. Michael has helped establish problem-solving courts and diversion programs to help offenders get back on the right track.

Michael has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado Law School, the University of Denver Sturm School of Law, and at Fordham University. He also was awarded the Instructor of the Year award by the Colorado District Attorneys’ Council. Michael also serves on the Board of the National District Attorneys Association.

“The threats to Colorado’s people and environment are real. Whether it’s a big corporation or the Trump Administration, if there are people taking advantage of the vulnerable and destroying our environment, they need to be held accountable. As Attorney General, I have the experience and tenacity to do what it takes to protect Colorado and win.”

Going the Distance

Michael and his wife, Antonia, have been married for fourteen years, and are the proud parents of ten-year-old twins. Antonia is also a former prosecutor. When he is not working or spending time with his family, you can find Michael running Colorado’s spectacular trails as he trains for his next ultra-marathon. Michael has twice finished the Leadville 100-Mile Trail Run (2013 and 2016), as well as many 50-mile races around the state.

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