As Attorney General, the long-term protection of our beautiful land, water and air – the heart and soul of Colorado – will be an absolute priority.  Here are some of the ways that I will work on behalf of our environment:

Enhanced Environmental Crimes Unit

Our state has some of the toughest environmental laws in the country, but they are meaningless if they are not enforced.  My first step will be to expand and improve the Environmental Crimes Unit at the Attorney General’s Office, so that people or companies caught violating our laws are fully investigated, and then the right combination of civil and criminal penalties are secured.

Strengthening our Safety, Health and Environmental Stewardship

“Whenever federal action, inaction or deregulation threatens Colorado, I will fight to ensure that Washington does not strip our state of its enduring environmental heritage.”

In communities where fossil fuel extraction and mining activity are ongoing components of the economy, I will work with state agencies, local governments, residents, industry representatives and advocacy groups to ensure that public safety, public health and environmental stewardship are protected.  Local communities should have a voice when it comes to extraction operations going on in their backyards.  And programs for capping and sealing abandoned wells and mines should be transparent, with any residual risks made known to the surrounding communities.

Going to Court to Preserve Colorado’s Environmental Heritage

Whenever federal action, inaction or deregulation threatens Colorado, I will fight to ensure that Washington does not strip our state of its enduring environmental heritage. The standards maintained on Colorado‘s vast federal lands must be environmentally sound, because they affect all of our air and water, as well as our ability to enjoy these protected spaces in so many different ways.  And when federal rules covering our state are the product of hard-won agreements between the many stakeholders in our environmental decisions, they should not be recklessly upended.  I will take whatever legal steps are necessary to protect Colorado from federal decisions that threaten our environmental future.

Advocating for Communities Affected by Environmental Disaster

In areas of Colorado where environmental calamities have occurred, my Attorney General’s Office will offer all possible legal assistance to the state and its agencies, as well as residents, towns and counties navigating the process of obtaining Superfund and other federal funds or assistance.  Providing guidance to those affected by environmental hardship will be a major part of my efforts to extend the resources of the Attorney General’s Office throughout the state.

News From the Campaign:

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Environmental Justice In The AG’s Office

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