I am honored to have the support of respected colleagues and leaders across the state – and from voters spanning all four corners.

State Representative Mike Foote

Mike Foote serves in the Colorado House of Representatives, is the deputy Boulder County District Attorney, and is a former prosecutor.

“Michael Dougherty is a shining example of a leader within our criminal justice community and he will make an excellent Attorney General. It is my pleasure to endorse him for the primary and general election.

“In addition to serving as a State Representative, I work as a prosecutor on behalf of the people of Boulder County and the state of Colorado. What I have learned from being a prosecutor helps guide me to be a more thoughtful and effective public servant. Our next attorney general likewise must be a champion for environmental protection and criminal justice reform. Michael Dougherty is the absolute right person for the job. I look forward to working alongside Michael when he is our next AG.”

More on Rep. Foote’s endorsement.

Former State Representative Claire Levy

“After considering the candidates for attorney general, I decided to endorse Michael Dougherty because of his leadership experience.

Claire Levy is a former Democratic state representative. She is currently the Executive Director of the Colorado Center on Law and Policy.

“Michael has a long record of working to improve Colorado’s criminal justice system – with the Justice Review Project uncovering wrongful convictions, the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice in effecting meaningful criminal justice reform, and with his testimony in the Legislature. Our next attorney general must also fight to preserve our environment and protect consumers from fraud. Both of these areas are very important to me – and to all Coloradans. Michael’s leadership ability, integrity, and experience are exactly what we need in our next Attorney General. He will lead the office and its staff to be a statewide leader in protecting Colorado and our way of life.”

More on Claire Levy’s endorsement.

Joe Pelle has served as the Boulder County Sheriff since 2003.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle

“Michael is one of the finest public servants I have had the pleasure of working with here in the state of Colorado. We would all be very well served with Michael as our next Attorney General.

“What truly separates Michael from the field, and a large part of why I am endorsing him, is his understanding of the criminal justice system from every level. Michael’s management experience outside the courtroom and his instincts inside make him a partner that law enforcement can count on and that the public can trust to do the right thing. Michael will be the leader Colorado needs to continue our work in reforming Colorado’s criminal justice system.”

District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller

Dan Hotsenpiller is the District Attorney in Colorado’s 7th Judicial District representing Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel counties.

“I wholeheartedly endorse Michael Dougherty to be our next Attorney General. Michael’s superior leadership skills enable him to bring together local and state leaders to combat the state’s toughest issues, like the heroin problems affecting us all.

“Throughout his career, Michael has been dedicated to helping tackle tough cases and issues all around the state. For example, Michael and I recently testified before the State Legislature on reforms needed at the county level. His experience enables him to better understand the challenges affecting rural Colorado. He will be a strong partner for our local communities. The Attorney General’s Office needs a leader with his experience, commitment, and integrity. I am honored to support his campaign for Attorney General.”




Ryan Brackley, Assistant District Attorney

Bruce Brown, District Attorney

Christian Champagne, District Attorney

Ron Engels, Gilpin County Commissioner

Linda Fairstein, Former Chief of New York City’s Sex Crimes Unit, Lawyer, Author

State Rep. Mike Foote

Lisa Friel, Senior Vice President, Special Counsel for Investigations, NFL


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Dan Hotsenpiller, District Attorney

Linda Isenhart, Gilpin County Commissioner

Sheriff Robert Jackson

Sheriff Joe Pelle

Lisel Petis, Steamboat Springs City Council

Sheriff Brett Schroetlin

Sheriff Kirk Taylor

Gail Watson, Gilpin County Commissioner

Dave Young, District Attorney




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