Scams, tricks and predatory tactics that target consumers, students and investors have the potential to hurt all Coloradans. The Attorney General’s role in putting an end to these schemes is crucial. Our elderly and immigrant populations are particularly vulnerable to robo-calls, IRS and debt-collection scams, fraud, and identify theft.  And our college students at for-profit colleges have been victimized by predatory high-risk loan practices.

As Attorney General, I will take the following steps to protect our consumers:

“Consumer protection is an absolute passion of mine and something I’ve been working on for the past 20 years as a prosecutor.”

Strengthen the enforcement of no-call lists. I will work Colorado’s “no call” program to take steps that actually make a difference in how many unsolicited calls we receive. And, whenever needed, I won’t hesitate to take legal action against those who violate our “no call” list, or otherwise contact our residents to perpetrate scams. I will compel the phone companies to help us in this effort, in order to use their modern technology to stop the calls from reaching us.

Create a robust community education and prevention programs to raise awareness and provide safety tips on identity theft and fraud.  Outreach events and publications can help our residents recognize these scams and protect themselves.

Establish a Consumer Protection Assistance Unit to assist public and law enforcement agencies throughout the state with the investigation of frauds that target consumers.  The Unit will pursue civil remedies and, where appropriate, criminal prosecution.

Provide assistance to student borrowers. Under my watch, students experiencing harassment or predatory debt collection practices in connection with loans from for-profit colleges will receive help from the Attorney General’s Office. This type of outreach work has helped Attorneys General from other states to sue predatory schools on behalf of defrauded student borrowers.  Colorado’s students should receive the same protection.

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